Shifting the focus from assets to moments


Victory Homes was undertaking a prestigious new project in Denman Prospect, in Canberra’s south-west. They came to CRE8IVE seeking a brand, identity and campaign strategy.

Vincent is a boutique development of 56 townhouses and apartments located in a prime position beside the local shops. This project was one of several new developments in highly desirable Denman Prospect. It was important to create an authentic campaign that would highlight the development’s prominence and create cut through in a crowded market.

A timeless legacy

The development was a flagship project, named after the founder of Victory Homes. The business is now run by his son. We wanted to create a narrative that told the story of legacy and family in a way that connected with potential buyers.

Discovering the story

Vincent has been built to stand the test of time with an enduring design and quality materials. As such, they are designed for owner occupiers who will create years of memories there. Inspired by this insight, we built a brand narrative around ‘timeless moments’ that are created in the home. The simple tagline ‘Timeless’ represents the idea of these homes being built for generations to come. The key motif was the imagery of a tree trunk – its rings signifying the passage of time.

Naturally appealing

The attraction of Vincent extends from the thoughtful design and sturdy materials in the build, to the natural setting of Molonglo Valley.

We borrowed textures and materials from the building and from nature, resulting in a striking use of natural wood and charcoal tones.

Narrative driven by heart

A home is the persistent presence we build our life within. We used this idea to create a multifaceted and textured visual identity using layered images and brochure pages to represent memories collected over time.

Through evocative copy and imagery, we created vignettes – moments in time – that capture the beauty of the Denman Prospect lifestyle. These vignettes create a holistic picture of a long life, lived at Vincent.

The end results saw the combination of a heartfelt narrative, set to a backdrop of natural elements and beautiful building renders.