Unique positioning for a unique offering


In order to reinvigorate land sales in the new Canberra suburb of Throsby, the Suburban Land Agency looked to CRE8IVE to create a new brand and identity for the northside location. Thorough market research was used to identify challenges and opportunities for land sales, as well as assess the competition and determine how Throsby could be best positioned.

Throsby was positioned as a premium offering, that was ideally suited for resident's needs and aspirations, leading to an ideal choice for a future home. The campaigned increased awareness of the Throsby estate, highlighted reasons people should buy and build there and increased the sales enquiries.

Strategic brand refresh

CRE8IVE partnered with Nerio Communications to conduct a thorough audit of the existing brand and marketing assets to determine the next phase of Throsby's identity. A comprehensive assessment of the market including buying conditions and competition ensured an effective strategy was created.


Unique artistry

One of Canberra's leading artists, Paul Summerfield, was commissioned to create a suite of bespoke illustrations showcasing all that Throsby has to offer. As a local Canberra artist, Paul used his wonderful insight into the unique aspects of the region. His playful artworks opened a window full of surprising details.

Single illustrations
Key messages

Hero Illustrations

Visuals were strategically directed by CRE8IVE to promote the key messages of the campaign. Premium, award-winning, focused on wellbeing, nature, community and a private sanctuary whilst close to town centres.

Marketing assets

A visually unique campaign

The illustrations and associated key messages were rolled out across a host of channels and mediums, including digital, print and radio ads as well as brochures and signage.

Their distinct style achieved cut-through in the market with web traffic and land sales increasing shortly after launch.