Real Skills for Real Careers

Department of Education and Training

The Department of Education and Training engaged CRE8IVE to help implement a national communications strategy and visual identity to promote the benefits of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector.

Project scope
Marketing & Comms
Brand & Creative
    Real Skills – Introduction
    The challenge

    The perception that the VET sector was a less favourable pathway to take when gaining qualifications in comparison to university proved as a challenge for CRE8IVE to solve.

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    Real Skills – Challenge 2
    The strategy

    By using real people’s personas, their stories and personalities, the idea that 'there are many ways to succeed' helped to drive change and communicate an impactful message.

    Real Skills – Strategy 2
    Real Skills – Strategy 3
    The change

    The campaign set to change the narrative of gaining tertiary qualifications. The integration of inspiring narratives clearly highlighted VET as an alternative to university, not a second choice.

    poster mock-ups
    Real Skills – Change 2
    The impact

    The new visual identity of VET uses the power of real people to change perceptions. The campaign’s focus on inspiring personal narrative stepped them out of their current category and become as equally considered as universities.

    Real Skills – Impact 1
    Real Skills – Impact 2
    Real Skills – Impact 3
    Real Skills – Impact 4