Attention to detail


Art Group approached CRE8IVE to develop the visual identity and brand narrative for their new apartment building, Mulberry. 

This is the first of a number of apartment buildings within Art Group's visionary SOHO precinct. Also developed by CRE8IVE, the SOHO brand is eclectic and vibrant. It offers the community a strong sense of connection to place and to the local art scene, reflecting Art Groups long-running support and sponsorship of local art. 

With this connection in mind, the work of local artist, Harriet Schwarzrock, was featured in creating key visuals for Mulberry. The result is a modern brand for contemporary apartment buyers, encapsulating the care, beauty and attention to detail a discerning audience values in a new development.

Sales brochure cover

Reflecting Art Group’s dedication to and love of the arts and design, a naming scheme based on colours is employed for all SOHO residential releases. Mulberry is the first such release, with an evocative colour scheme inspired by the work of Harriet Schwarzrock.

Sales brochure spreads
Building render
Advertising examples
Plans book cover

Attention was paid to producing high-quality products, emphasising a sense of style and sophistication, at key touchpoints in the buyer's journey.

Plans book spread
Glass sculpture photography

Harriet Schwarzrocks hand-blown glass hearts were photographed and used in detail as abstracted brand visuals.

Glass artist at work

Art Group's ongoing commitment to supporting the arts sector through grants is part of their way of giving back to the community and supporting the local creative industry. Local artist, Harriet Schwarzrock was a recipient of the Art Group Fellowship at the Canberra Glass Works and her hand-blown glass art features prominently in the Mulberry branding.