Humanising cyber through leadership

ANU Cyber Institute

Solving big picture problems in the cyber realm requires an entirely different new approach. We were proud to help the Cyber Institute position themselves as leading experts of cyber technologies.

Project scope
Marketing & Comms
Brand & Creative
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    The challenge

    The Australian National University’s new Cyber Institute needed a brand and communication strategy to help them define their vision and direction. They approached us at their inception, seeking guidance and a visual identity.

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    The strategy

    We conducted thorough market research and consulted closely with the client to identify the Institute’s core values. ‘Humanity and trust’ became the essence of the project and we incorporated this into every touchpoint including the logo.

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    The process

    To bring humanity to the brand, we used photographs of people and abstract images of technology. We also used key quotes from famous fiction authors who question society and the role of technology in power.

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    The change

    CRE8IVE provided a brand book for the Cyber Institute to refer to when creating future collateral and content. This was designed to give them the confidence and tools to apply the brand on their own.

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    The impact

    The new visual identity strongly promoted the new institute as a trailblazing entity. The process allowed the Cyber Institute to align on their values and move forward with confidence.

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