Entrepreneurs' Programme

From little things,
big things grow

Entrepreneurs' Programme

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme (EP) is a Federal Government scheme which provides advice, networking and grants for small businesses. It is delivered under the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources and exists to foster innovation, growth and jobs for Australia.

CRE8IVE was engaged to establish a consistent brand for the EP and guided them to take control of their communication and promote the programme.

We began by interviewing stakeholders to define the general gaps in knowledge and determine how to best promote the programme. The original brand focussed on the steps for how to apply for the services, but it lacked the ability to explain ‘what’ the programme was or ‘why’ it was useful. By shifting the focus to the value proposition of the programme, EP could engage their audience and give them the incentive to sign up. 

To give the brand prominence and consistency, we designed a new visual identity, using the existing colours of the parent brand. The new brand is flexible enough to work as a co-brand with delivery partners as well as within the Federal Government.

By providing EP with a new brand and the right communication tools, they are able to take ownership of their story and promote their services directly to their audience.

Brand guide pages

Providing a voice

We did this by establishing a new tone of voice and putting ‘people in the picture’ by providing case studies of people who had benefited from the programme.

Document cover


We created a motif that represents ‘growth’ using imagery from tree rings and rippling water.

Stationery set

Flexible delivery

A flexible graphic device was created to be easily used in a number of ways across brand touch-points.

Document covers

Structure & guidance

We provided a case study structure which included a photography guide so they could build a photo library and a collection of success stories for different target audiences.

Brochure spread
Social media assets