ACT Fire & Rescue Recruitment Campaign

Recruiting the dedicated and ambitious to the ACT Fire and Rescue Agency

ACT Fire & Rescue Recruitment Campaign

ACT Fire and Rescue required a new brand for their upcoming recruitment campaign to attract and maintain engagement for potential firefighters during a long and rigorous process.

The extremely high standards to become a firefighter meant the campaign had to target people who were prepared and willing to undergo extensive testing and the difficult fitness requirements. ACT Fire and Rescue also sought to encourage more women and people of different backgrounds to apply who were capable of passing the difficult physical components.

We created the brand ‘Ready. Willing. Able.’ This statement empowers prospective recruits to self-select as suitable candidates. The brand talks to those with the right mindset to be motivated, prepared and fit for duty. It alludes to the tough requirements needed to pass the testing and willingness to apply themselves to a 20-week recruitment process. The simple but effective visual identity can be used across a wide variety of collateral.

Become a firefighter


From extensive marketing research, ACT Fire and Rescue realised there were four main motivations for people (particularly women) interested in becoming a firefighter. We created a narrative and targeted messaging that spoke to each of these drivers.


Brand photography

Pivotal to the brand positioning was capturing the essence of individuals through photography and documentary style case studies. Individuals who exemplified the attributes of a firefighter were used to give insights into the true nature of the job.

Various fire fighting photography

Key messages

The key messaging and brand identity is accompanied by a new suite of photography and videos that captured real firefighters – men and women – in their roles.

ACT Fire & Rescue photography

Brand implementation

To ensure the brand was most effective, we mapped out the thought process an applicant would go through and created specific communication pieces to match each of the stages, from beginning to end. By mapping out a recruit’s journey, we could determine where the messaging was most necessary and what would keep them motivated.



The resulting brand and campaign assets have proven to have strong cut-through and effectively communicate messages that resonate with the target audience. ACT Fire and Rescue now have the scope to attract the right people to become the next firefighters for our community.


Photography credit: Lightbulb Studio