75 Years of Better Understanding

Relationships Australia

CRE8IVE partnered with Relationships Australia to develop a campaign which paid tribute to their 75-year legacy of fostering positive and healthy relationships among Australians. Their brief to us was clear – create a campaign that highlights their evolution, celebrates their legacy and has a lasting impact.

Project scope
Marketing & Comms
Brand & Creative
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Non-Government Organisation
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    The challenge

    CRE8IVE worked with Relationships Australia’s to develop a visually compelling campaign that blended historical archives with new contemporary art, with the tagline “75 Years of Better Understanding.” It was designed to celebrate the legacy, drive awareness and foster engagement through digital and physical assets, including an animated video and merchandise.

    RA – Challenge 1
    The strategy

    Relationships Australia turned 75 and wanted the world to know about it. So, they sought a campaign that would honour its history but also grow awareness about the positive impact of fostering healthy, respectful relationships. While the campaign was to celebrate a specific anniversary, it needed to leave a lasting, optimistic impression.

    RA – Strategy 1
    RA – Strategy 2
    The process

    CRE8IVE thoroughly researched the organisation's archives, identifying key themes and messages. We then conceptualised a narrative that captured not just RA’s efforts in fostering healthy relationships, but the importance and value those relationships hold. 

    RA – Process 1
    The change

    The “75 Years of Better Understanding” campaign heightened public awareness about the organisation's long legacy of work and advocacy. It spurred community engagement through compelling narratives and visuals, encouraging conversations around understanding, respect and stronger connections.

    RA – Change 1
    RA – Change 2
    RA – Change 3
    The impact

    The "75 Years of Better Understanding" campaign significantly enhanced Relationships Australia's visibility and influence, successfully engaging the public and stakeholders in celebrating its legacy. It fostered greater awareness and dialogue about the importance of healthy relationships, leaving a lasting impact on community well-being and respect. CRE8IVE’s collaboration with Relationships Australia stands as a testament to the power of campaigns to celebrate milestones. 

    RA – Impact 1
    RA – Impact 2